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Cooking at home does not have to be time intensive and complicated. Although this particular recipe requires some vegetables chopped, it packs a nutritional punch and can last for days. Even try doubling the recipe!

Serve it as soup one night, and with baked chicken breast over cooked quinoa or brown rice on another. You can freeze your leftovers and then make a new meal in 2 weeks by mixing the quinoa and stew together, pouring into halved bell peppers and topping with some light parmesan or mozzarella cheese. You could also add a dollop of non-fat, unsweetened greek yogurt on top of the baked stuffed peppers after you remove them from the oven!

With the above ingredients, on the 3rd day you can then take your leftover chicken and chop finely, add in your quinoa and perhaps some tomato, onion, cucumber or avocado and make lettuce wraps with your leftover swiss chard (unsweetend greek yogurt goes great on those as well - I really enjoy the Faje 0% unsweetened greek). Mix-matching ingredients from different meals will keep your meal variety up, and make sure all of your time is not spent in the kitchen! This also keeps waste down, and costs low.

Helpful Hint! While you're chopping these veggies, chop up a few extra to be used for the following:

- Weekly snacks (celery/carrot sticks)

- Chopped veggies for a stir-fry, saute or omelet in another meal.

Our Physician Assistant Sheila prepared this lentil soup for her family yesterday (see photo below) and details it was delicious! Find out for yourself!

Click HERE for the Swiss Chard Lentil Soup Recipe.

Thank you to for the wonderful recipe.

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