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How would you answer these questions?

Do you want to reduce your risk for diabetes, heart attack or stroke? 
Do you struggle with shortness of breath or mobility issues? 
Do you have difficulty keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol at a safe level? 
Do you want to improve your quality of life? 
Are you afraid or unsure of how to minimize your risk due to your health state? 
If you answered YES to any of these questions -
this program was made for you!

Dr. Clifford Morris and a team of exercise physiologists and many other health professionals have come together to design our premier, 12-week, medical health program that is designed entirely around you, for you. 

This program includes a the support of a complete health-team, including Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. Clifford Morris, a complete medical work-up, cardiopulmonary assessment, exercise prescription and heart rate monitored training, nutritional counseling throughout, progressive muscle relaxation, and much more.  


  • Drastically decreased risk for heart attack, stroke, falls and injuries 

  • Independence to perform everyday activities and advanced physical activities without the fear and high risk of an event


  • More controlled blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol’s 


  • A thorough and actionable understanding of how to approachably and effectively adjust your nutritional intake within your life, and continued guidance through it 

  • Increased energy, endorphins and quality of life 

  • Stress management and reduction 

To date, our minimum "body age" reduction by result of the program is - 

5 Years!

*Data received from our initial/final body composition assessment .

Call today to determine if this program is for you, and set up an appointment to discuss your health options!


— Wanda Robertson

“It's such a great feeling to know your physician is genuinely concerned when you health is not up to par…I’m two pounds shy of a 50lb weight loss so far and feel incredible. Thank you so much Dr. Clifford Morris”  

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