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BOTH! Healthy does not have to take long!

Here's what's on the lunch menu today at the office:

Quinoa & beans (pulled from freezer in the am and defrosting) with toasted cubed squash (via toasted oven) and served over raw arugula.

Seasoned lightly with olive oil, cracked black pepper and garlic powder (not garlic salt).

Also served with a side of corn on the cob (I enjoy eating this cold, however it could also be microwaved as well).


One evening while doing laundry, the quinoa was cooked in bulk on the stove.

The next evening the beans were cooked in bulk, similarly.

(Both plain with no seasoning, however sometimes I add some garlic cloves or onion, or whatever else I may have on hand just to add variety).

The 3rd day I stuffed individual sandwich and quart size bags with either quinoa, beans, or a blend of the two. Dated the bags and placed in the freezer to freeze flat (as to defrost quickly)! And your future meal is made.

This does not take much time at all, when divided up over multiple days, and is EXTREMELY cost effective. It can additionally be done with any other type of healthy grain, bean, or sauce.

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