10 min or Less Breakfast

Many people forgo breakfast in a rush to get out the door, however your breakfast does not have to be complicated! Check back on this blog to see the many different quick and easy breakfast recipes you can start incorporating into your morning!

There are many different food restrictions to keep in mind when planning your meals, even if something is healthy, doesn't necessarily mean it is right for you.

For example, a piece of fruit is a wonderfully healthy breakfast, however if you are a diabetic, if may not be the best choice for you as fruit still raises your blood sugar (keep in mind if your alternative is a fried chicken biscuit or doughnut, always opt for the fruit - diabetes or not :D )

Another example is the breakfast plate seen below, this is a quick, easy and healthy breakfast, however if you have high cholesterol, it is best to opt for only egg whites, or eliminate the eggs entirely and choose vegetarian (however even with high cholesterol, this egg breakfast would still be healthier than your sausage biscuit option) :D Is that getting complicated? It can be! Call our office and ask to speak to our nutritionist Alyssa for more information, mention this blog!


  • 1-2 Over Easy, Pasture-Raised Eggs (seasoned with black pepper and garlic powder)

  • Large dollop of non-fat, unsweetened greek yogurt (used similarly to a sour cream replacement)

  • 1/2 avocado, sliced

  • Topped with salsa of choice! :D


Perhaps a bowl of the yogurt used above, topped with some frozen (and thawed) berries!


Cube it into quarters and place in a container or p