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Diet and Heart Failure?

" In a national, prospective, well-represented, contemporary registry, higher adherence to a plant-based diet was associated with a 41% lower hazard for incident Heart Failure hospitalization. While greater adherence to a southern diet was associated with a 72% increased hazard for incident Heart Failure.. "

SHEILA SAYS: Testimonials and small studies have shown many benefits of adopting a plant based diet. Recently, larger studies have shown benefits of plant based eating for heart failure patients with coronary artery disease. Now a very large study has shown benefits of plant based eating occur even for patients WITHOUT clogged arteries! In fact, this study found that the more plant based a person's diet was, the lower their risk of hospitalization for heart failure.

Want to learn how to eat more plant-based? We offer individualized nutrition consultations and lifestyle medicine appointments in our office! Call today for more information 804-530-1044.

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