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A New Guide to Eating and Nutrition

Canada has recently changed their guidelines for a healthy diet, and it aligns with exactly what we like to practice at Morris Cardio. The new recommendations focus on filling our diets with healthful foods, rather than eating primarily to meet specific numerical goals of nutrients. The idea is simple- eat a variety of whole foods, including lots of vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources, and you will be ingesting plenty of nutrients.

Another pillar of the new guideline is to change the WAY we eat. Slow down, cook more, eat out less, and enjoy the process of learning about, preparing, and sharing a meal with people we love. We think this is a great recipe for a way of eating that keeps our hearts not only healthier, but happier.

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SHEILA SAYS! "The picture is very helpful in guiding what we put on our plate. The eating advice included in these updated guidelines puts in writing what we teach. Eat to live, rather than living to eat!"

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