Sneaky Sugars, Reducing Cost & Improving Health


Marquie has been with the Morris Cardio family for about 8 months and has been hearing a lot about what we like to call "sneaky sugars." These are sugars that exist in excess in foods that you would not suspect to be higher in sugar, or even have added sugar at all. A perfect example of this is peanut butter - a staple product for added unnecessary ingredients, and a "sneaky" contributor to your increased sugar levels.

Marquie had heard staff member and office nutritionist detail that peanut butter only needs one ingredient [blended peanuts], and decided to try it out for herself for the first time!

"I couldn't believe how easy and delicious it was even toddler approved!"

[Marquie snapped this image before and after blending her peanuts! Click HERE to also watch a video of Hutch make homemade delicious peanut butter!]

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