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At Morris Cardio, our healthcare team is taking care of our own hearts and hundreds of others. Let's work together to improve quality of life and reduce heart disease!

TODAY we focus on governing our behavior from our hearts and not by someone else’s rules. You assume personal responsibility for everything including your health.

In this day and time, this is crucial. This way of living is universal, so it takes no governing. Life is so much easier when we live it based our 'heart rules'.

1. Do anything today to get up and move. 2. Do or say something that positively impacts the world. 3. Take a break. Put NOTHING on your calendar today. 4. Eat only from nature today, especially plants. 5. Be with your family. 6. Feel connected to nature and the earth. 7. If you drink alcohol, 5 oz of alcohol daily has some heart healthy benefits by helping you relax. 8. Drink water. 9. Forgive someone or yourself. 10. Breath deeply before acting.

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