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Flexible Ways to Avoid The Cane!

Have you recently fallen?

Do you lose your balance often?

Do you currently use a cane or at an increased risk of needing one?


If you answered, YES to one if not all of these questions you may find it beneficial to incorporate stretching into your daily routine!!

As we age our bodies become less flexible and we are at increased risk of injury. We also lose our flexibility. Aging is a beautiful part of life, and it is so important to take care of our bodies as we age to maintain our independence and minimize health complications. Daily stretching can play a key role in the quality of life that you experience, and does not take much time commitment. A recommended 10 minutes of stretching in your day is not only beneficial for your body but for your mind as well.


  • Injury Prevention via increased range of motion & flexibility

  • Improved Injury Recovery Time body responds quicker to healing

  • Body Awareness reduces instance of falls and poor balance

  • Improves Heart Health resultant from stress reduction steaming from relaxation from breathing techniques and improved blood flow


  • Consult with your physician to make sure it is safe for you to begin your stretching regimen

  • Start off with small and attainable goals! The beginning should be you developing your habit, and getting to know your body’s limitations (Write down your goals!)

  • Stretch in a safe zone!!! Safe zones are places that allow you to stretch with any range of motion, and are also areas that have the tools and resources necessary to help you off the floor if you find that you are having a hard time (ex. Sturdy table) Can't get up and down from the floor? Stretch in your bed before or after waking up!

  • Learn safe techniques to safely getting on and off the floor. Modify as needed!

  • Be patient with the process! Stretching needs to be repetitive in order to achieve the most benefit

  • Take your time, and do not cut corners in technique!

Pay attention to your body! Stretching should never hurt. It may feel slightly uncomfortable…be mindful of your body’s own limitations. Relax a little on your technique if this occurs, you do not want to cause injury

Also know that it is okay to utilize a cane, or any other walking assist device. In order to prevent further injury and/or future injury safely maximizing your flexibility will aid in injury prevention as well as quicker recovery time.

Please click HERE and HERE for a video demonstration of stretches that you may find helpful!

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