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Mindfulness and Heart Health Connection

Mindfulness is bringing one's ATTENTION to your thoughts and feelings, perhaps questioning them, but never judging them. A formal tool used to practice mindfulness is meditation, however mindfulness can also be practiced daily in simply connecting with your habits, actions, thoughts, senses, etc. Being mindful has been proven to be beneficial for the heart.

According to the American Heart Association, practicing meditation may be helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease by improving many of the factors linked it. Another immediate result of meditating, when done correctly, is bringing your blood pressure down as you relax and release excess tension.

While improving the heart function, meditation can also improve your outlook on life and motivate you to start and maintain healthier behaviors, such as exercising regularly, eating healthily, and getting enough rest each night. In addition, meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure and raise heart rate variability (HRV). The HRV tells you how quickly your heart makes small changes between each beat; the higher your HRV, the healthier your heart.

To learn more about how meditation can improve your heart health, and how to begin meditating on your own. Click HERE.

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