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Outsmart Your Kitchen

We're starting a new series called the Helpful Kitchen, for QUICK and EASY tips and tricks to help you manage your food and move away from your food managing you!



This week we're tapping into recognizing your barriers for a home prepped meal (typically more controlled and healthy) vs. grabbing fast food (less nutritious and generally more expensive).

For me a large barrier is TIME. Even if I meal prep and freeze my food, after a long day I do not want to wait for it to defrost. Find your barriers and make reasonable action plans to address them. Freezing your foods/proteins/sauces/soups so that they are thinner than 1/2" in thickness will have your food defrosted in less than 3 minutes once you place it in a bowl of warm water, or ...

For todays lunch:

1. Pull pre-made thin-frozen spaghetti sauce out of freezer and put in lunch bag

2. Bring some water to a boil while enjoying morning coffee

3. Boil whole-grain noodles of choice

4. Split noodles into 2 containers: 1 for todays lunch, the other for perhaps 2 days from now (store in fridge)

5. Grab a more-than-healthy serving of spinach and put in lunch bag

6. Go to work happy

7. AT WORK: Pour now defrosted sauce over pre-boiled noodles and heat. Put all spinach on a large plate. Serve the heated spaghetti with sauce over top of the spinach and enjoy your balanced meal that took you 5 minutes to prepare today!

Make it fancy: Sprinkle salt, pepper, parmesan cheese or parsley on top

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