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Five Hobbies That Can Improve Your Health

Becoming and/or staying healthy can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Having careers, children, and other important life components can additionally make it that much harder to find time to add physical activity and other healthy habits into ones schedule. There are many simple things, however, that we can do in our daily lives that can contribute to greatly improving our health and quality of life.

As explained in the article below, dancing is one of these activities that can be used to improve health. It can be done with friends, family, or even by yourself, and is a great way to add some cardio into your day. Even the addition of short bouts of movement throughout your day can help improve cardiovascular health and strengthen bones.

A study (2011 Cochrane Review) found that dancing three times per week improved the balance of the elderly, which is incredible when compared to the number of fall deaths that have increased by over 12,000 per year over the last decade, and growing. One way we can decrease this number is by adding movement into our daily activity, and thus minimize our risk of falling as we age.

Read more about improving your health in various other ways [HERE]

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