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Tai chi: A kinder, more gentle approach to cardiac rehab?

A Harvard study says if cardiac rehab is not for you maybe Tai Chi is!

"Earlier research has shown that practicing tai chi may help to modestly lower blood pressure. It's also proved helpful for people with heart failure, who tend to be tired and weak as a result of the heart's diminished pumping ability. The slow movements involve both the upper and lower body, which safely strengthens the heart and major muscle groups without undue strain...Sometimes described as meditation in motion."

Tai chi is a gentle exercise that can be either non physically demanding or strenuous, depending on which forms and adjustments you make. This exercise involves a series of flowing movements and breath awareness and works with your own body weight and balance. It has shown to improve musculoskeletal issues, reduce stress. improve stability and flexibility, and also improve strength, among much more. The slow movements associated with tai chi help to safely strengthen the heart, and over time can contribute to the prevention and/or control of heart disease. There are many different types of Tai Chi and we offer many varieties at Morris Cardio, please call us for more information or with any questions!

Tai Chi is great for all ages and most all chronic conditions including arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. However you do not have to have a chronic disease to reap the great benefits of this Chinese exercise and art form.

Read more about this Harvard study HERE.

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