ASPIRE Scholarship

The ASPIRE Scholarship was established in 2017 to provide health resources, particularly fitness classes and nutrition education, to individuals passionate about getting healthy while also struggling with chronic conditions and financial limitations.


The program is uniquely designed for candidates who are extremely passionate about synthesizing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle change, who presently demonstrate potential chronic conditions including: pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity, and who are willing to make immediate health changes.


Presently all applications submitted on a rolling basis. 

Applicants must meet the following qualifications: 

  • Presently have diabetes, hypertension or obesity 

  • Presently making at or below 60% of the low-income threshold ($31,200/annually). See attached document for additional detailing 

  • Must provide documentation of all claims upon request (including Tax statement from prior year) 

  • Ready to take immediate action for your health 

  • Clearly decipher within the application why and how this scholarship will improve your health 

Additional Information: 


As there are limited funds available, not everyone who applies receives a scholarship 

Applications are reviewed by our Board of Directors on the first week of every month 

Limited scholarships available 


Willis C. Morris AIR Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2017 in honor and recognition of Dr. Clifford Morris’s father, whom served and passed away in the U.S. Air Force.  


This scholarship was established unbeknownst to Dr. Morris and was put together by his Practice, his wife, his mother, and local community members as a gift and honor to him.  It recognizes of all of the incredible characteristics his father exemplified, and we wish to honor the entire Morris family and all members of the United States Military with this recognition of Willis C. Morris. This scholarship represents him, and honors all others whom have served.

About Willis C. Morris

Captain Willis Clifford Morris was a distinguished pilot in the 768th Bombardment Squadron. He was known for his exceptional skill as a pilot, and even more for his honor and devotion to his family and his country.


His B-52 Bomber Crew set records in their training, however, were also revered for being humble and continuing to train even when they were at their peak. During the Cold War Captain Morris studied Russian, Spanish, French and Korean as he valued education and preparation for his duty.  In a biography about Willis Morris it is read Willis Morris “…was prepared to function and communicate under difficult circumstances. This highly trained, loyal, dedicated Pilot pursed the ultimate mission with the quiet, calm and inner peace that no man or incident can mar. He is the epitome of the United States elite.” 

Through all of Willis Morris’s trainings and experience in the Air Force and war, he never lost sight of who he was as a man, he never lost sight of integrity and honor, and he never stopped pursuing to be better. It is for these reasons in addition to his service, that we honor him. 


Willis Morris loved his wife and children and as hobbies enjoyed chess, boating, and making films. 


Captain Willis C. Morris lost his life along with six other airmen during the Cuban Missile Crisis on November 10th, 1964. 

In Loving Memory of:

Capt. Willis C. Morris 

Capt. Guido J. Pizzeck, Jr 

Capt. John H. Pulliam 

Capt. Gary W. Berendzen 

1st Lt. Daniel C. Woodward 

1st Lt. David L. Harlan 

Tech. Sgt. Fonzy E. Arrington 

We would also like to recognize Ms. Missouri Morris, who went on to raise their children on her own. Ms. Morris you are a woman of great character, distinguished honor and exemplary leadership. We all strive to carry impact as you have.

This health scholarship is open to all active and retired veterans. Recipients will receive either a fitness program, nutritional counseling, or chronic disease management counseling package.  


To apply, complete the application form and choose one of the three videos below to respond to and explain why you chose it, how the message conveyed through the clip is pertinent to you, and how your takeaway and this scholarship will place you in the health position you desire to be.  

Video Choices for Application

Grocery Store Give Back

Dr. Morris believes in a strong sense of community and family, especially when it comes to health. He expresses in his practice daily that when you learn something yourself, you must take that knowledge and spread it to those around you. This scholarship developed into just that.  


The Grocery Store Give Back was established in 2017 to provide grocery store tours to those in the community who are unsure of what to purchase within a grocery store as they begin to make a healthy transition within their diet.  


It is overseen by a Dietician, however is passed along from scholarship recipients whom have received the tour themselves, to other recipients in line.  Once you receive the tour, it is then your turn to provide the tour to another scholarship recipient as your “Give Back” component.  We believe this further engenders community, initiative, and connection and empowerment, and all of these are vital components when you are taking on the journey of taking back your health.  


Optimal Health Scholarship

The Optimal Health Scholarship was established in 2018 with Optima Health Insurance Company.  With us both looking for ways to contribute to improving the health and quality of life of our community, a beautiful partnership was born. 


The program is uniquely designed for candidates who are extremely passionate about synthesizing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle change, who presently have pre-diabetes or diabetes, and who are willing to make immediate health changes.

This health program includes twice weekly small group fitness training, individual fitness assessments and plans, weekly nutritional counseling, a group support session, a grocery store tour, A1c Labs and more.



  • Presently diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes

  • Not currently classified as high risk for a cardiovascular event or currently suffering from any injuries

  • Presently make at or below 60% of the low-income threshold ($31,200/annually)

  • Be able to provide official IRS tax statement from the previous year, upon request

  • Be able to fully commit to the time commitment of the health program

  • Entirely complete and sign the Scholarship Application

See the application packet below for additional information and detailing


Optimal Blood Pressure

The Optimal Blood Pressure Scholarship was established in 2018 to provide more access to necessary medical equipment to those in need.  The blood pressure cuffs provided were gifted by Optimal Health Scholarship recipients who decided to donate the new cuffs provided to them (from their scholarship), to others who may need them more.


The scholarship is uniquely designed for candidates who are passionate about synthesizing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle change, however, are currently experiencing a financial barrier. 

Click below to inquire about donating your new or used blood pressure cuff to someone in need!

Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
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Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
Morris Cardiology and Risk Reduction
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