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Creating a
Champion's Heart®

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Dr. Morris receives lifetime acheivement award!!

Established by executive order of President George W. Bush, the prestigious honor has been awarded to a select few Americans to recognize more than 4,000 hours of extraordinary community
service per year.

To read more about this award, click below!

Congratulations Dr. Morris!

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We are a state-of-the-art cardiology center with a mission statement of creating heart healthy lifestyles through evidence-based medicine, education, nutrition, and fitness.
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At Morris Cardio, we believe that our daily habits have a powerful influence on our health. We aim to focus most of our time adjusting patients’ lifestyles to prevent and improve diseases that negatively affect the cardiovascular system.                          

Areas of Expertise

Diagnostic Testing

Cardiovascular Intervention

Preventative Cardiology/Wellness

Coronary Artery Disease


Peripheral Vascular Disease

Structural Heart Disease

Heart Rhythm Disorders

Lifestyle Medicine

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is the foundation of a healthy heart, which is why we offer several unique  programs designed to improve common lifestyle habits that increase cardiovascular risk. We have individual appointments, group appointments, personal training, and much more!

Contact Information and Location 

Clinic Hours:

Monday - Friday 8am-5pm


228 Johnson Creek Drive Chester, VA 23836

p: 804-530-1044

f: 877-718-0972


— Wanda Ebert

"I have gotten off 5 medications because of the lifestyle changes I have made through the help of Dr. Morris and his team."

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